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Donation Form

Thank you for using our online donation submission form.

This form allows you to:

  1. Begin the donation process
  2. Immediately notify the funeral home of your intention to make a donation, allowing a card to be issued for the family in a timely manner.  They will receive a card which indicates your name, address and which charity you select.
  3. Receive an e-mail confirmation and the appropriate form needed to complete the process.  This form will provide the steps and instructions for completing your donation.
  4. Forward your donation through the funeral home office allowing us to complete the process with the charity on your behalf.

This process:

  • Does not accept payment online.  Related to laws protecting the donor, we are not permitted to process donations through our financial institution and therefore, we do not have a method to collect payment through our website. Although some third party companies offer this service, there is a related processing fee meaning not all funds reach the charity
  • Does not disclose financial details of this transaction to the family.  This information is kept confidential.
  • Does not follow up on the completion of the donation process.  We have developed this system to allow the acknowledgement card to be placed for the family in a timely manner.  It is our hope that you will complete the financial process either through our office or directly with the charity or organization that you have specified.
Please enter your e-mail address so that we can send you a form for printing which you can include when you bring (or mail) your donation to us.
If you selected 'Charity of Choice' above, please enter the name of the charity to which you wish the donation to go to.
Please enter your full name, as it should read for tax receipt purposes, if you are donating to a registered charity which issues tax receipts.
The funeral home will be placing a card that advises the family that a donation has been made. This card will list the names of who the donation is from.
Your mailing address for your tax receipt (if applicable), and the address where the family may also send a thank you card acknowledging your donation is made up from this field and the ones below it.