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Cremations & Services Offered

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Jennett Funeral & Cremation Centre offers a full selection of cremation related services and products. This section was created to explain the process of cremation and to further clarify available options. Although the basic concept of cremation is understood, the related options are not always as clear. Cremation has many misconceptions that we hope will be clarified in this section.

Cremations in Ontario
Until July 1st, 2012, legislation stipulated that a funeral home owner could not own a cemetery and/or crematorium. When legislation changed in 2012, this restriction was lifted allowing the possibility of joint ownership. Since crematoriums in Ontario have always been located on cemetery zoned land, there is currently no funeral home in Simcoe County that completes cremations on-site.

Our crematorium of choice is Riverside Cemetery and Cremation Centre. More information can be found on their website at http://www.parklawnlp.ca/riverside-cemetery-cremation-centre-2/  

Cremation - Understanding Your Options

Cremation often carries the misconception that viewing and embalming are not possible. In fact, many families choose to have open casket visitation with the cremation following the service. Cremation offers families additional types of services not often associated with burial.

The Process of Cremation Explained

Although the modern-day equipment used for cremation is quite technical, simply put, cremation is the process of reducing the body to ashes by means of fire. The body is placed in a cremation retort; the mechanical device where the cremation takes place. The interior of the retort is constructed of flame resistant brick and is heated to temperatures around 2000 degrees F. The intense heat and flame reduces the body to ashes leaving mostly calcium (bone matter). Any metal particles remaining are later filtered out using magnets. The last step is to process the ashes into smaller particles allowing the ashes to be more easily handled when transferring into urns, scattering etc.

Concern & Questions About Cremation

How Do We Know That We Have Recieved The Correct Ashes?

It is not uncommon for people to ask if the ashes received back from the crematorium are really their loved one. There are several steps in place to ensure that there is never an issue. We attach a sticker to the exterior of all caskets or cremation containers prior to leaving our facilities. This sticker includes the name of the person and our information.  Riverside Cemetery & Cremation Centre also follows strict procedures to ensure that there is never a need for concern. Upon arriving at the crematorium, the funeral home must deliver the required paperwork to the administrative office before removing the casket or cremation container from the vehicle. The paperwork is promptly assigned a unique number which will follow the body throughout the entire process. A metal tag stamped with the assigned number is placed in the cremation retort with the body. This unique tag is designed to withstand the cremation process. Should there ever be an issue where the ashes were to become separated from the paperwork, the correct identity can be found by locating the metal tag in the cremated remains and referencing it with the paperwork. After each cremation, a Certificate of Cremation is provided confirming the identity of the cremated remains. This is provided to the recipient of the cremated remains, whether it be the family or a cemetery. This certificate provided also includes the unique identifying number. By locating the tag that is inside with the ashes, families can verify on their own that everything matches.

Can Jewellery Be Cremated

Jewellery can be cremated with a person if requested by the family. Since metal is destroyed, we recommend that jewellery be removed prior to cremation. Any of these items can be returned to the ashes after the process is complete. This also gives families a chance to reconsider their decision to ensure that they have made the correct choice.

Can Ashes Be Scattered

Please see our section titled 'Understanding your options' above for “What Happens to the Cremated Remains?”